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Thinking outside the closet

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Are you obsessed with putting everything in its proper place so it’s easy to find something when you need it? We are too. But when you’re working with limited space, we understand that this might seem like an impossible task.

Great garage storage ideas

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Help—I can’t fit the car inside the garage! If you’re guilty of parking your vehicle outside because toys, tools or sports gear are hogging all the room inside your garage, enough is enough! It’s time to reclaim that space once and for all.

How to host a yard sale


It’s not as easy as it looks! Take your spring cleaning to the next level by hosting a sale of your own, whether it’s to make a few extra bucks off your junk or to fundraise for charity. Of course, we recommend the latter. You can help someone in need and get rid of your junk?…

Tips for shopping a yard sale


How do you get the best deals and check for quality? To celebrate this year’s Yard Sale for the Cure–a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation event that the Toronto 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise puts on every year–we are offering you tips on the best items to source at a yard sale. Read on!

The trick to organizing your desk

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Did you know that clutter can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information? A Princeton study found that clutter can psychologically compete for your attention. Specifically, clutter can cause you to have decreased performance and higher stress levels. If clutter is a problem in your life, it’s time to take to…

DIY storage solutions for every room


Making your own storage is easier than you think! While there are tons of products that you can buy to help you stay organized, we like the DIY option a little bit better. Why? Because they allow you to be creative, imaginative and it’s easy on the wallet! Whether your home is lacking square footage or you’re…

Mom’s the Word (Part 2)

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Every house has those common areas that never seem to stay clean, no matter how hard you try. For most parents, children’s bedrooms and playrooms are popular areas where clutter and tripping hazards are everywhere. Toys themselves present an organizational nightmare for every parent; with so many stuffed animals, action figures, craft supplies, games and…

Mom’s the Word (Part 1)

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Cleaning your mom’s house is the best Mother’s Day gift ever! How can you treat the female influence in your life and say thank you for all that she does? Whether it’s your own mother, mother-in-law, step-mother, the mother of your children or even your grandmother, the gift options can be endless. This year, why not…

Storage ideas for your next project

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So much junk and so little space. Most of us can agree that it can be challenging to find smart storage solutions at home. Here are three simple storage ideas that can easily be adapted for your household: Junk drawer no more We’re all guilty of having that ‘miscellaneous junk drawer’. You know the one we’re…

Why clutter matters


Whether you like it or not, clutter matters. Try as you might to forget about it, it’s time for a reality check. Why is it important to clear the clutter? For starters, clutter can have a negative impact on your well-being and, believe it or not, it can also affect you financially as well. Here…