1-800-GOT-JUNK? Blog http://blog.1800gotjunk.com Tue, 14 Jun 2016 20:11:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Causes of Bad Odors in Your Home http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/06/14/causes-of-bad-odors-in-your-home/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/06/14/causes-of-bad-odors-in-your-home/#comments Tue, 14 Jun 2016 19:33:04 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6508 When you find an unpleasant odor in your home, you may have a problem. People will often spray air fresheners in their homes and assume the smell will disappear. However, the only way to guarantee the odor will be gone for good is to remove the source of the smell. For health and safety reasons,...

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A Yard Sale With Heart http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/06/07/a-yard-sale-with-heart/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/06/07/a-yard-sale-with-heart/#comments Tue, 07 Jun 2016 23:44:04 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6500 Never underestimate the power of a yard sale! On Saturday, May 23, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Toronto raised $21,000 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) at its 11th annual Yard Sale for the Cure event. The day’s proceeds smashed the previous record for a single-site sale. Bargain hunters came out in droves to support this tremendous cause,...

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Take a look at what we do every day at 10:53 AM… http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/05/31/o2e-brands-thinks-you-should-huddle-up/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/05/31/o2e-brands-thinks-you-should-huddle-up/#comments Tue, 31 May 2016 22:22:43 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6495 Every day at 10:53 a.m. the ring of a marine bell cuts through the office at O2E Brands. It’s time for Huddle! Over 200 employees jump up from whatever they’re doing and gather in one room for a high-energy stand-up meeting. Huddle not only connects everyone at O2E brands, it also makes us a stronger...

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1-800-GOT-JUNK? Salt Lake City Helps Local Firefighters Burn Bright http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/05/25/6485/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/05/25/6485/#comments Wed, 25 May 2016 20:58:17 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6485 Bruce Springsteen says that you can’t start a fire without a spark. But this past weekend, the firefighters of Salt Lake City couldn’t start a fire without some junk. With the help of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Salt Lake City, The Murray City Fire Department was able to collect multiple truck loads of furniture and other household items...

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9 Habits of Organized People That Will Simplify Your Life http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/05/10/9-habits-of-organized-people-that-will-simplify-your-life/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/05/10/9-habits-of-organized-people-that-will-simplify-your-life/#comments Tue, 10 May 2016 21:32:21 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6479 Ever wonder if maybe you were out sick the day your class learned how to get organized? Or maybe you figure that organized people were born that way and you’re just going to have to muddle through chaos for the rest of your life. The fact is that anyone can learn to get organized by...

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8 Ways to Un-Invite Junk from Your Home http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/22/8-ways-to-un-invite-junk-from-your-home/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/22/8-ways-to-un-invite-junk-from-your-home/#comments Fri, 22 Apr 2016 21:36:43 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6473 When we think about decluttering our homes, we tend to focus on the all the stuff we need to get rid of. But how did all of that “junk” get there in the first place? Junk doesn’t walk into our homes un-invited. You open the door and—whoosh!—in it comes, carried by your own two hands....

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Earth Day made easy http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/15/earth-day-made-easy/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/15/earth-day-made-easy/#comments Fri, 15 Apr 2016 18:51:40 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6455 Sometimes, the simplest ideas make an impact. This Earth Day, we challenge you to implement a new simple action into your life each day. After all, everyday should be Earth Day!   Let’s start some good habits together. Because together we can do something bigger than any one of us can do alone! Here are...

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Spring clean your love life http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/08/spring-clean-your-love-life/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/08/spring-clean-your-love-life/#comments Fri, 08 Apr 2016 20:33:37 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6436 Did you know that more than 3 in 5 Americans feel that someone with a dirty home is a bigger turn-off than someone with a dirty mind?* That’s 62% of people who are unimpressed with mess! Maybe it’s time to get started on that spring cleaning after all? You’ve progressed to the important stage of...

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Tips for decluttering your garage http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/04/5-tips-for-decluttering-your-garage/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/04/04/5-tips-for-decluttering-your-garage/#comments Mon, 04 Apr 2016 22:28:29 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6426 The garage is the one room in your home most likely to become stuffed with clutter. This is a room where “out of sight, out of mind” can become a major problem. Since most of us spend less time in the garage relative to the rest of the home, it’s easy to let them deteriorate...

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Minimize your life http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/03/28/6431/ http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/2016/03/28/6431/#comments Mon, 28 Mar 2016 19:00:06 +0000 http://blog.1800gotjunk.com/?p=6431 Spring brings new opportunities to gain a fresh start in life and in your home. Whether you have a little or a lot of clutter, the invasion of one’s space with excess junk can make you feel restricted or even worse – trapped. In this vein we’ve compiled the following tips to help you minimize...

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