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Cleaning Checklist


Use this checklist for every room in the house. Download it, print it, and hang it somewhere where your household can gain from it!

Recyclable home items list


Here is the ultimate guide to recycling items from every room at home. This will help you get organized while explaining garbage vs. recycling.

Kitchen Organization Checklist


The kitchen is one of those rooms that deserves a good clean at least once a day. Use this checklist in your kitchen to keep the space organized. This list is split into five zones, each of which requires individual attention.

Garage Checklist


The garage is a space that can easily get out of control. Use this easy checklist to declutter your garage in any season!

Recycling Codes


Those tiny recycling symbols stamped on plastics, glass, paper, metals and other materials mean a lot more than you may think.  The next time you see one of these symbols, use the following guide to ensure that they product is recycled or disposed of properly.