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Tips to clear away the junk in storm prone regions


Junk may seem harmless and unassuming (aside from being hazardous to look at, and the leading cause of stubbed toes), but did you know that junk can result in serious injuries? If you live in an area frequented by powerful storms, junk in your yard could become dangerous projectiles in a storm. Broken lawn furniture,…

Packing light for travel


Here’s your challenge for vacation season: travel light. A house full of unnecessary junk can slow you down and so can an overstuffed suitcase. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a local vineyard or a 2 week European romp – don’t take more than a bag and a carry on. Once you go unchecked you…

An Organized Junk Drawer in 6 Steps!

Junk Drawer

This blog post was written by 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s Public Relations Intern, Stephanie Whalen. Everyone has that one hidden space in which we throw the odds and ends that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Yes, I am referring to the junk drawer. I have always been curious about the history behind the junk drawer. How did this…

Your Top 6 Priority Areas to Spring Clean


(This blog post is written by 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s Public Relations Intern, Stephanie Whalen.) Happy spring everyone! It is time again to embrace the sunshine, enjoy all that is in bloom and tidy up our lives!  Tradition has it that when spring has sprung, we clean out the junk that is bringing us down. We shake out…

The inspiration you need to downsize

Property crunch

It took breaking up with my boyfriend to get organized and downsize. My current apartment is a spacious 1200 sq ft glass palace filled with a lifetime of treasures: art, furniture, tableware (so many serving trays!), clothes and shoes. Everything has a place, but not for long.

New Year’s Resolutions

Are you by any chance looking for a way to strike upon a New Year’s Resolution that will actually stick? As we all know, most resolutions fail. They are unrealistic and overwhelming; isn’t that the truth? I recently researched a few of the top 10 lists of resolutions circulating online. I really like this one,…