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What to let go of when you move

Moving and junk removal really go hand in hand. Most people get rid of a few things when they move but tend to play it safe with the majority of junk because they feel they may have a future need for the things. Let me just say, as experts in both junk removal and moving,…

3 ideas for your graduate’s old bedroom

If you have a kid who’s moving out for college this September, now’s the time to start thinking about what to do with their old bedroom once its been cleared out. Here are some inspiring photos that will bring some excitement to what can be a bitter sweet moment in a parent’s life.

De-clutter your home for back to school


  Spring is often touted as the time to get busy organizing and cleaning the house. Another great time of year to focus in this direction is the fall and back to school time. Why? It’s the perfect transition to take your kids from holiday mode back into the routine of school. During summer vacation and…

Top tips for eco-friendly junk removal


Keeping the environment top of mind when you are clearing out years of junk from your home can be a challenge if you don’t have a solid game plan. There are many reasons why we have so much stuff in our homes. Some of us have fallen victim to our increasingly consumer-driven society and have…

Tips to clear away the junk in storm prone regions


Junk may seem harmless and unassuming (aside from being hazardous to look at, and the leading cause of stubbed toes), but did you know that junk can result in serious injuries? If you live in an area frequented by powerful storms, junk in your yard could become dangerous projectiles in a storm. Broken lawn furniture,…

Packing light for travel


Here’s your challenge for vacation season: travel light. A house full of unnecessary junk can slow you down and so can an overstuffed suitcase. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a local vineyard or a 2 week European romp – don’t take more than a bag and a carry on. Once you go unchecked you…