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The inspiration you need to downsize

Property crunch

It took breaking up with my boyfriend to get organized and downsize. My current apartment is a spacious 1200 sq ft glass palace filled with a lifetime of treasures: art, furniture, tableware (so many serving trays!), clothes and shoes. Everything has a place, but not for long.

New Year’s Resolutions

Are you by any chance looking for a way to strike upon a New Year’s Resolution that will actually stick? As we all know, most resolutions fail. They are unrealistic and overwhelming; isn’t that the truth? I recently researched a few of the top 10 lists of resolutions circulating online. I really like this one,…

Take the Pledge to Recycle Today!

Today is America Recycles Day! This means that all around the US, people are doing their part to help make the country more sustainable. We published a blog post last week that gives an example of what one community in Illinois is doing to raise awareness of green practices and recycling–check out their ‘trashion show’…

Back-to-Basements: Our top 8 favorite basements


I love basements. They’re a kid’s indoor playground, a teenager’s private hideaway and an adult’s quiet sanctuary. Even with all their potential, many choose to use their basements as a dumping ground for junk – that broken appliance, that box full of who-knows-what and that chair you swear you’ll reupholster one day. Let this post…