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On the topic of “junk”, if there’s something I’ve increasingly become aware of in recent years, it’s that “junk” doesn’t always equate with happiness. In future, I’ve decided to be more careful about acquiring junk. Junk costs us money. We have to work hard to buy junk. Junk then needs to be stored; requiring more…


The Zen of Junk

Contrary to what the media and a myriad of junk removal, de-clutter, and get-organized companies will tell you, some people like a little junk in their living spaces. Books piled high on a curios-cluttered coffee table; packing boxes marked “STORAGE” vying for space with a split ottoman in the corner of the living room; a…


Don’t take junk with you!

How difficult is it moving all your worldly possessions from one home to another? When I moved from Scotland in 2008, I packed up an entire apartment of  goods and…well, rubbish… and brought it with me across the other side of the world, only to join the rest of the rubbish I had already stored…