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Fun recycled Christmas tree ornaments


We know you love recycling. We know you love the holiday season. With North Americans producing more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than any other time of year, why not combine the two? Learn how to make some tree ornaments yourself while also reducing waste!

Halloween junk costume ideas


What if I told you that Halloween costumes can help you clean up your house, save the environment, cost you nothing (or next to nothing), and look amazing while doing it? Before you ask where you can hire one of these elusive costumes to wash your car, let us show you some of our favorite…

DIY kids crafts from junk!


When the kids are looking for something to do, you just want to keep them busy. Why not hold on to some of the ‘junk’ you were planning to throw away and use it to bond with the family? If you have old clothes, books, and furniture that ‘needs to go’, consider keeping a few…