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Common decluttering mistakes revealed


Clutter is one of those things that we try our hardest to avoid, but in reality, it often gets the best of us and leaves us with an undefeated mess.  We want to make sure that clutter doesn’t become a recurring problem during your next cleaning spree. Here are our top five common decluttering mistakes…

Your green home checklist


Earth Day is the international celebration that encourages community members to learn how to create less waste and commit to sustainable practices. It’s easy to talk about making positive changes to your lifestyle, but making them happen is the tricky part. Print off this checklist to make your home more sustainable this year!

Why you should clean together as a family


It should go without saying, but keeping a clean house is a major step toward keeping your family safe. Clutter can collect dirt, provide a hiding spot for pests, and can cause trips or falls. By working together, you can ensure that your home is a safe, happy and healthy place where you and your…

How to pack for spring break


Packing strategically for any destination can be quite the challenge; what to bring and what to leave behind can not only be stressful, but also difficult. We’ve come up with some simple tips and tricks to help you strategically pack your suitcase and ensure you are prepared, safe, and comfortable on your next trip. Here…

March-breaking from clutter


It happens every year: our clocks jump ahead, spring is just around the corner, and the kids are home for a week! Are you stumped on how to keep them occupied? We have the perfect solution – in fact, we have more than one! We know all too well that it’s hard to make housework a…

DIY Family Junk Projects


Do you and your family love hunting for hidden treasures at garage sales, antique shops and consignment stores? Well, those one-of-a-kind pieces that you’re searching for are actually right under your nose: in your own home! With a little work, you and your loved ones can easily turn your knick knacks and dust collectors into…

How to organize a community donation drive

Large group of a happy people with raised hands.

Are you looking to make an impact? Donation drives organized by community leaders are critically important to non-profit organizations and local charities. No matter how big or small, a community donation drive can make a huge difference to someone in need – and every little bit helps! Why should you organize a donation drive? Well,…

How to become a junk therapist

therapy man

Are you or someone you know disorganized, surrounded by constant clutter, and overwhelmed by a mess that never seems to go away? Sometimes we are too ashamed to ask for help, or aren’t able to afford a professional organizer at the time, and we’re often left at a dead end. Well, the good news is…

Your family’s green home challenge


Managing a family is no easy task! Today’s busy lifestyle often involves career, community commitments and—if we are lucky—a couple extra hours of sleep. With a busy agenda like this, most of us forget to squeeze in time for family. We have the perfect idea for your next family game night: get together for a…