5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2018

Earth Day tips 2018

Earth Day is coming up on April 22 and it’s the perfect time to do your part to clean up the planet we call home. This year, we challenge you to implement new, earth-friendly habits into your everyday life.

Not sure where to start? Sometimes, the simplest actions make the biggest impact. Here are five simple ways you can celebrate Earth Day at home.

Hold a Private Community Clean-up

Host a clean up event

You don’t need to join an organized effort to make an impact. Instead, find a neglected park, playground, street, or community center and pick up litter. You don’t have to go far; if you’ve noticed your neighborhood is looking less than pristine, stay close to home and lend a hand in your own community.

Remember to bring rubber gloves, garbage bags, buckets, and tongs (sharps can be hidden in shrubs!). Spend a couple of hours with friends and family completing your own neighborhood beautification project.

Take a No-Power Hour

Unplug and read a book

In a world where everyone is attached to their devices 24/7, a simple hour without power can be a struggle. But unplugging completely is not only good for your mind, it’s good for our earth.

For Earth Day, unplug your appliances, mobile devices and anything with a cord, and see how long you can hold out. Use this time to read a book, take a walk, or just enjoy the respite from the daily grind and bask in the glow of silence. If you’re really struggling, gather some friends and go device-less as a group. Doing it together will make it easier to unplug.

Challenge yourself to go more than an hour. For the super-keen, make this a weekly ritual and reap the benefits when your bills arrive in the mail.

Discover Your Green Thumb

Discover your green thumb

Few urban-dwellers harvest their own food, but there is something satisfying about cultivating a meal from the garden to your own dinner plate. Celebrate Earth Day by building a garden at home. The beauty of growing tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes is that they require minimum space and they’re resilient.

Garden centers at home-supply stores, like Home Depot, have experts on-hand to give garden newbies guidance. And the best part? If climate-related apocalypse predictions end up coming true, you’ll have a food source to make it through!

Start a ‘Meatless Monday’ Routine

Eat your veggies

Studies show that red meat is harder on the environmental than the production of any other kind of meat. According to numerous studies, raising cattle uses 28 times more land and 11 times more water than for pork or chicken. Cows also emit a lot of methane — this means that giving up red meat is a more effective way of cutting carbon emissions than giving up your car!

This Earth Day, help your earth out by incorporating a meatless meal (or two) into your weekly routine. It’s one of the simplest ways to improve the health of our planet.

Set Yourself Up For Long-term Efficiency

How to use less power

Are your clothes a little damp when exiting the dryer? How much water is your shower head really spewing? Are you still using incandescent bulbs? If you don’t the answers to these questions, your home probably isn’t as efficient as it could be.

Make this the year that you invest in energy-efficient appliances or appliance modifications, and switch all your lights to LED. You’ll use less energy for daily activities like laundry, showers, making coffee, and food prep — and your wallet will thank you.

If we all lived a little bit greener, our planet would be a better place for everyone. Start making simple, earth-minded changes to your daily routine and live every day like it’s Earth Day.

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