How to Prepare For and Clean Up After Winter Storms

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With snow storm season fast approaching, it’s time to prepare your home for before, during and after the storm. Heavy snowfall can cause serious disruption to our lives, and has the potential to be extremely dangerous. But if you plan ahead, you can stay safe and warm until the storm blows through.

You know what they say: hope for the best and plan for the worst. At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we’ve been on the front lines of many winter storms over the years. As experts in clean-up and junk removal, we want to do our part to help you weather the storm. Here are our tips to prepare for and clean up after a snowstorm.

Before The Storm:

how to clean up after winter storms

  1. Check systems: If you live in an area prone to snow storms, prepare by weather-proofing your home ahead of time. Make sure your furnace has been properly serviced and that your windows are weatherstripped. If you have a generator, fire it up to make sure its in working order.
  1. Gather supplies: Check your emergency kit and stock up on supplies like blankets, toilet paper, and non-perishable foods. Make sure you have batteries for flashlights, fuel for the generator, and sand or salt to use when the storm has passed. Charge up any electronics you’ll need in case you lose power.

During The Storm:

power outage snow storm

  1. If you have power: Keep your heat turned up as high as you can — this will ensure your home stays as warm as possible, even if you end up losing power. Turn faucets on to a slow drip to avoid freezing your pipes. Stay inside and bundle up until the storm passes.
  1. If you lose power: If you have a generator, use it to power the most important items, like the fridge or heating system. Unplug other unnecessary electrical equipment to reduce the risk of a power surge.  Layer your clothing to stay warm and use flashlights for light.

After The Storm:


  1. Shovel snow: Once the storm has passed, you can get to work clearing snow from your driveway, patio, and vehicle. Always wear proper, waterproof gear, and work in shifts so you don’t overexert yourself. Ask your neighbours for help if you need it and return the favour if you can. Use sand or salt to melt icy areas to prevent slips or falls.
  1. In case of flooding: Snow storms often cause serious flooding which can be extremely dangerous. Before you start any clean-up, you need to make sure your environment is safe. If there is water damage or if electrical appliances are submerged, call the appropriate authority (such as an inspector or electrician). Avoid the building until it has been cleared by a professional.
  2. Junk removal: Disaster clean-up is hard work but you’re not in this alone. If you need extra help, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is in your area and we’re ready to lend a hand. We’re trained professionals with years of experience in junk removal and snow storm clean-up. After you dig yourself out from the snow, call us for any junk removal needs.