Creating Organized Storage for the New Mr. and Mrs.

Congratulations, you two! Planning your nuptials was such a wonderful whirlwind, and now that you’ve had time to write a few thank-you cards, you’re coming up on your next chapter as a married couple: a family home.

If you lived together prior to getting married, you’ve probably already blended your things to create a uniquely crafted space that reflects you and your nearest and dearest. However, if you haven’t lived together before, creating a home that is equal parts you and your betrothed can be challenging, especially if you two have different tastes or ideas of what “home” should look like.

Our advice? Start with the storage spaces. This is where most of your belongings will live, and it will provide a jumping-off point for designing your home together. Let’s get started!

  1. Only Keep the Things You Love



True for married couples or single dwellers, stowing things we don’t necessarily care about takes up a lot of extra space. From closets to drawers, the nooks and crannies of your home pre-marriage were probably filled with a lifetime of memories, keepsakes and things that make you go, “Where did that come from?”

To start your home planning off on the right foot, chuck everything that you don’t absolutely love. This step is crucial to creating your space, as it will give you an idea of how much room you will both need to stow your belongings. Jodi Bart Holzband of recommends going through your closets together and getting rid of the excess. “Moving in together is a great time to reevaluate your wardrobe and purge items you haven’t worn in a year or more. Then, divide the closet into two, put like items with like—short sleeve shirts, then long sleeve shirts, then blazers, and so on—and don’t infringe on your partner’s space,” she says.

2.Create Boundaries


Creating boundaries is key in many parts of your life together. Creating physical boundaries in your home by establishing individual closets and storage spaces is the best way to keep track of whose belongings are whose and what belongs where. You’ll have combined spaces, too, like hall closets or linen cabinets, but make sure each person in the relationship has a space to call their own.

3.Establish a System


Immediately after creating boundaries, establish a system with your partner. Are you both in charge of folding and stowing the bathroom towels? Will you check in on each other’s storage spaces to make sure things aren’t getting out of control? Is it more of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach? Create a system of checks and balances between the two of you to decipher who is in charge of what and how you can maintain neat and clean storage spaces.

4.Get to Styling


This is the fun part. After you’ve designated separate storage spaces and delegated who will be taking care of what, you can create uniquely styled closets and cabinets for each of you. For instance, if you have quite the shoe collection, a customized closet solution might be in your future. If your spouse has a love for suits, a system of hanging rods and racks might be the best way to keep their things in order.

Accent your closet space with gleaming metallic hardware for a more put-together look. To maximize your storage’s efficiency, add labels on the outside of boxes and bins to make sure you’re reaching for the scarves and not the socks.

After you’ve gone through our series of steps to create an efficient storage system, keep each other in the know should your storage needs change. Having a system of checks and balances and knowing who is maintaining what helps to keep your new nest from getting cluttered or disorganized.

Cheers to the newlyweds and their clutter-free space!

Kerrie Kelly is an interior designer who writes for The Home Depot and provides advice to new couple about organizing and finding their style. If you are trying to organize your home, you can find a large selection of organization products, including bedroom dressers, at The Home Depot

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