How Identifying Your Type of Clutter Can Change Your Life




In honor of Junk Relief Month this is our second guest post from New York Times best-selling Author Peter Walsh, whose latest book Let it Go was just released. Head to our Facebook page between March 20-24,2017, for details on our Let it Go book giveaway.

Did you know that there are two types of clutter? Take a moment and you may recognize yourself here. The first type is what I call ‘memory clutter; this is the stuff that reminds you of an important person, event or achievement from the past. Things such as the old college papers from twenty years ago or your adult children’s baby clothes. Maybe it’s that soccer trophy that you won in kindergarten. The other kind of clutter is the ‘I might need this one day’ clutter; the stuff you hold onto in preparation for all those possible futures. Neither of these is necessarily a bad thing, problems only arise when the stuff you own interferes with the life that you could be living.

The reasons these types of clutter happen are pretty complex. Clutter can be a response to fear or some event from the past. Perhaps the best definition I have heard is that clutter is just ‘ decisions delayed.’ Sometimes, we just need a little prod to get done what needs doing.

This leads me to organization. The word “organization” and the word “organic” come from the same source; to be organized is to be fully whole, complete. This, in essence, is the goal in all of this. If you are organized in your home, there is far less stress and anxiety and in turn you can be more focused, calm, peaceful and motivated. Simply stated, organization changes people’s lives. At the end of the process I hear people say over and over again “this process has changed my life.” It is one of the most amazing things and time and again I see how redefining your relationship with stuff can create the life you want in a space that nurtures you. It is not so difficult, get started today!

Peter Walsh is a New York Times best-selling author, media personality and organization expert who believes that clutter is ANYTHING that gets in the way of you living your best life.


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