5 Tips That Will Create Space for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, time with family, and gift giving which means that gift receiving is happening too! Do you have room for more in your home? This year, we are going to help you make space for new things by giving you five tips on where you are sure to find items you can eliminate!


Space #1: The Storage Area

Remember last year when you quickly took down the holiday décor and shoved it into a box? There were likely some strings of lights that were half working and some décor that you would rather not see again this year. Time to say goodbye to the old and start fresh with something new! Pro tip: Buy storage containers before the holidays are over to keep your holiday décor protected during the off season.


Space #2:  Closet

This year brings holiday parties, family dinners, and other fun events that might inspire you to purchase something new for your wardrobe. Do yourself a favor and color code your closet to see just how much you have of certain items. It will inspire you to part ways with some of your more loved pieces.


Space #3: Kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen and this is especially true during the holidays. We know you are holding on to that bread maker you have used once and well as the ice cream maker that you have NEVER used. Now is a great time to come to terms with the fact that these appliances are just taking up room in your kitchen and make room for new, more useful pieces.


Space #4: Office

Are you holding on to receipts from last years holiday season? It’s official that no one needs to make any returns so say goodbye to these items as well as old holiday cards from seasons past. Feeling confident? Finally tackle getting rid of the files that are 10+ years old. Chances are if you haven’t looked at them yet, you are not ever going to reference them!


Space#5: Playroom

This can be the most difficult space. Consider taking the opportunity to teach your children about the season of giving and help your children pass on old favorite toys to someone that might enjoy them. Did you know that 1-800-got-junk donates and recycles everything they can before bringing anything to a landfill? What a great way to spread holiday cheer!

Congratulations! You have made your home ready for new NEAT things this holiday season. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!
The NEAT girls

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