Celebrating Hidden Storage: To Stow or To Show?

The latest trend in interior design is clean, sleek minimalism. While it is beautiful, sometimes this style can be frustrating to accomplish, especially if you are one to hold on to your favorite possessions. Many clients come to us and ask what they can do to make their home appear more organized, a little cleaner and overall more peaceful. Read on for some of our favorite ways to implement hidden storage to achieve a sleek and stylish look for your space.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Side Tables + Coffee Table


Designers and manufacturers are coming to the realization that most people have a lot of stuff. While we would love to cut out all our clutter, it just isn’t realistic. With this, we are seeing new side tables and coffee tables designed to hold our disorganized clutter. If you’re looking for savvy hidden storage, keep an eye out for pieces that have swivel-open tops or those that can be configured to mask stowed items like remotes, magazines and cords.

Maximize Under-Bed Storage


Rather than throwing shoes, blankets and miscellaneous items underneath the bed in hopes that your bedroom will feel cleaner, maximize your under-bed storage with a lift-up bed frame or storage platform. This works especially well if you have a smaller space and have to be savvy with your stowing options. Look to innovative bed frames that come with built-in drawers, hollowed out headboards or tall platforms that can house shelving or storage boxes underneath.

One Word: Drawers


Drawers come to mind when we think of dressers, credenzas and side tables. However, they are also perfect for pantries, cabinets and odd, seemingly unusable spaces. If your kitchen comes equipped with deep cabinets, consider installing a drawer system that easily slides out so that you can utilize every inch of your kitchen space. Trying to figure out what do with that awkward gap between your fridge and the wall? We love the idea of a sliding spice rack with shelving. That space is just wide enough for your go-to spices and flavorings—all it needs is a drawer pull on the outside for easy access!

Get Creative with Your Stairs


If you really need to use every square inch of your home, look to your staircase. Instead of adding wall shelving underneath the stairs or propping a chair and floor lamp in that space, consider building drawers into the staircase for beautiful, functional storage. If you want to keep this hidden storage a secret, opt for push drawers that require a light touch to pop open. In addition, you can hollow out that space, add a door and build a small linen closet or storage space.

Whether you need to stow out-of-season holiday decor or old family heirlooms, these savvy storage solutions are the perfect way to utilize every square inch of your home while maintaining a clean and sleek look. Do you have other creative storage solutions that you’ve tried?

Kerrie Kelly is an award-winning California interior designer who leads the team at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie writes about her design expertise for The Home Depot. To review many storage ideas for your home, including options discussed by Kerrie, you can visit Home Depot’s storage section online.

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