Moving Tips: 6 Handy Tips to Keep Your Move Tidy and Stress Free

Have you ever heard anyone say ‘moving was such a breeze’? Of course you haven’t, and chances are, you never will!

Packing all of your possessions, saying goodbye to your home and neighbors, getting ready for new surroundings, and helping your family cope with all of these things can be downright overwhelming. That’s why there are so many guides out there meant to help you cope with the stress of moving.

And while we can’t take the stress away, what we can do to help is provide some useful tips that will make your next move easier (and tidier):

1. Not sure if you need it? You probably don’t, so throw it away!

You know those pants that don’t fit that nicely? Well, now is the time to throw them away. In fact, you should pair them with the blouse your aunt gave you (you know, the one you never wore), and all those mismatched socks that sit at the dark end of the drawer.

And I’m not just talking about clothes. Moving is quite possibly the best time for you to make an inventory of all of your possession and decide which of them you still have a use for, and throw away or donate/recycle the rest. If you need a step-by-step guide to see you through the purge, here’s a good resource.

2. Refresh your rugs and curtains for a homey feel

Taking your rugs and curtains for a professional clean before moving can make a world of difference when you get to your new home.

While an empty new place feels exciting – like any other fresh start – you’ll want to make the space livable as soon as possible. Carpets and curtains immediately transform a home, and if you plan ahead and take them to the cleaners, the greater your new home feeling will be.

Added benefit: your carpets and curtains will be nicely wrapped and packed before you even call in the moving company.

3. Stack up on cotton wool!

Yup, you’ll be needing a lot of cotton wool. Remember that even sturdy furniture and belongings can crack at the slightest move and make a mess upon their arrival to your new home, so think what can happen to items like makeup and medication. 

Cotton wool is a quick and safe fix. Simply stuff all your compacts and pill bottles with these soft pads and you’ll be good to go.

4. Wire up! Label all your cords and cables

There’s nothing more annoying than having to figure out which cable goes where. They all look alike!

Labeling all of your cords and cables can you save lots of time (and even more unnecessary stress) when having to wire everything back up. You can either use tags or put your wires in separate plastic bags, each specifically labeled, but make sure you’ll be able to quickly tell what cable goes where.

5. Improvised plastic wraps = no spillovers

Professional cleaners often say that your lotions, sprays, shampoo, and gels are all a big mess waiting to happen. Especially when they’re about to be moved, shaken, and pressed.

Fortunately, they also provide an easy fix: unscrew all of the bottle caps, then use a layer of plastic wrap to seal their contents inside. Screw back your bottle caps on top of the plastic wraps and you’re good to go.

6. Start your new life with a good scrub

I know, when you finally get to your new home, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning. But there is no easier house to clean than an empty one!

So pull out the box with the cleaning supplies and make your new home spotless! After you get to set everything up you’ll be glad you did – and you’ll be off to a fresh start!

Georgiana Mihaila is a writer on a quest to make home living more easy, one useful tip at a time. She’s also the human behind Fancy Pants Homes.

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