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Earth Day made easy

Sometimes, the simplest ideas make an impact. This Earth Day, we challenge you to implement a new simple action into your life each day. After all, everyday should be Earth Day!  

Let’s start some good habits together. Because together we can do something bigger than any one of us can do alone! Here are 5 easy actions that anyone can fit into their busy lives:

Mark your calendars

Block in three dates a year that you can stick to for decluttering those areas of your home where your long lost belongings gather over the year. Making a commitment to the date ensures you can create a plan of attack, commit to a timeline, and perhaps recruit some help before the day.

Have a rainy day “crafternoon” with the kids

Gather bits and bobs from around the house that no longer serve a purpose. That piece of fabric can make a fun art project, or some food coloring mixed with water can re-create science experiments. Don’t throw it away! Keep small items that can be used for those rainy “crafternoons” in a storage box that you keep somewhere handy.

Park your cars

Commit to once a week (or twice a month if that’s too much to start!) to leave the car at home. Perhaps, on Sundays your family chooses to walk to brunch and then enjoy a bike ride together in the afternoon. That sure beats sitting in a mall parking lot cruising for a space!

Walk on the beach…or walk in the park

Whatever takes your fancy! But perhaps, while you’re there, you would consider taking a glove and a garbage bag and gathering any trash you might see? It’s sad that others feel the need to leave our beautiful shared spaces in a mess. But people like you are awesome!

Volunteer, today

Giving back to your community is the best thing you can do this Earth Day! Volunteerism creates a sense of community and belonging. You naturally begin to care more for the environment around you and the people that you share space with. Visit to see the many volunteer opportunities for families in your neighborhood!

Whatever you choose to do this Earth Day, we hope you make it a year-long goal. Here’s some inspiration from our teams that make an impact year-round!


v-team at foodbank




Chantelle Jones is a passionate employee of WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, sister brand of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, and an ambassador O2E Brands. Chantelle enjoys writing, photography, reading books, and doing yoga in her free time. From 8-5 Chantelle will likely be seeking out exceptional future Franchise Partners for WOW 1 DAY PAINTING.

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