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The Top 10 Weirdest Junk of 2015

Junk is our business – our franchise partners and their teams come across plenty of it every day. But some finds are a bit stranger than others. From coffins and mechanical bulls, to John Wayne’s bible, junk can be weird, spooky, sometimes moving, and even priceless.

As weird junk found should be weird junk celebrated, we have selected our top weird junk of 2015 to share with you all!




Two truck team members with a truck full of torsos! These were found by our team in Brisbane, Australia, and proves that weird junk can be discovered all around the world.


Donut Costume


We pick up a lot of movie props, and some are more unique than others. Here is a donut costume that was featured in a 2008 movie starring Clark Duke, Josh Zuckerman and James Marsden.


Lawn Mower/Custom Bike


It doesn’t get more priceless that a custom lawn mower, even if we still can’t figure out why this was on someone’s wish list in the first place. Though we are impressed by the creativity and the potential new fitness craze.


Truck Full of Beer


Unfortunately, it was all expired. Fortunately, it was Bud Light.


Antique Birthing Chair


This one isn’t something we want to spend too much time considering. Thank goodness for modern medicine and medical practices. And thank goodness for moms!


This Unique Painting


There is so much going on here. The bear. The bath. The open door. Aw, a cute baby bear! So many questions raised, all left unanswered. We salute you, unknown artist, for your brave choice of subject and your vivid imagination. We’re just unsure if you should have shared it with the world.


Giant Bone Table


This list has gone to the dogs…


Stripper Pole


We aren’t going to ask questions about where specifically this came from, but it was collected by our team in Lafayette, Louisiana. Certainly a conversation-starting centerpiece.




This isn’t an ambitious science project, it’s part of a giant replica fish tank picked up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Put together, the pieces become the fish tank from Finding Nemo, which is a fantastic movie, but an interesting decor choice. Mt Wannahockaloogie is definitely the stand out. Ring of Fire!


Kittens in a Bucket


Our favorite. Your new favorite. While cleaning out an abandoned house, one of our team members in Adelaide, Australia found these kittens in a bucket! He gave them food and water and found them new homes shortly after. Aww kittens!


That’s it for our top junk finds. Do you have any tales of strange items that you’ve found? Please share with us below!


Alana Free is a PR Manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and sister companies You Move Me and WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. While seemingly a mild-mannered geek who believes that Goonies never say die, Alana is actually a member of a secret league of Australians slowly taking over North America. You can connect with her via LinkedIn.


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