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On being busy: Think differently

“How are you?” “Busy!”

Being “busy” is a common response for many of us when we are asked how we are today or how things have been.  Between careers, family and friends, passion projects, and keeping up with daily life, our schedules – along with our minds – often feel packed to the brim.

When things get really busy, life may even start to feel cluttered and it can be easy for negativity to unfold.

September 21 was World Gratitude Day and, in the spirit of the day, we want to encourage you to think differently about the things taking up space in your calendar and in your thoughts.

Here are three tips to help you start to shift towards a clearer schedule and mind, so that you can enjoy and reflect on the more priceless things in life.


Stop saying yes to everything   

Sometimes it feels like you have to say “yes” to everything. The next thing you know, you are saying “no” to the things that really matter to you. Recognize that there is only one of you, and re-prioritize what things really deserve that “yes”. Consider leaving some empty space in your schedule – time that you can spend unwinding, laughing with loved ones, or reflecting on (and working towards) your life goals.

Clear your mind through meditation

Find a convenient yoga class in your area, or even take a few zen moments at home. Turn off your phone, clear away any other distractions that may impact your physical space, and even dim down the lights for the full impact. Focus on your breathing, inhaling and exhaling, to give yourself a brain break. If can’t keep thoughts from running through your mind, play some music that you will bring calm to the forefront.

Talk about what makes you happy

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when there’s a lot going on, so try to shift your conversations to less stressful matters or to the things that make you happy. Even taking a moment at the end of your day to highlight  something that you’re grateful for from the day, or even just in general, can impact you in a positive way.


Decluttering isn’t always about our physical spaces. We encourage you to take a mental check of what you are grateful for and acknowledge the moments that really matter, allowing you to free up more space in your life in a different kind of way.

Then the next time someone asks, “How are you?”, perhaps your answer will be different.

Happy World Gratitude Day!


“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

– Mahatma Ghandi


What are your tips to lessen the cluttered nature of your mind and schedule?


Renee Janzen is the Marketing Manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Fueled by a passion for people, creativity and productivity, she is a marketer by trade, event planner by nature, and excitable traveler and photographer on the weekends. Connect with Renee on Twitter.

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