How to recycle your bicycle

Did you know that up to 15 million bikes are thrown away each year? They’re simply added to landfills.

Think about it: bikes are made of steel, aluminum and rubber, and it all just gets added to the pile.

Given that bicycles are a useful way for people to get around, not everyone can afford a new one, and they can negatively impact the environment if they’re disposed of improperly, it’s important to be thoughtful when you’re looking to replace your old bike.

Here’s how to recycle your bicycle.

You may not think there’s a link between junk removers in Sydney, Australia and doctors in Africa, but there is thanks to a partnership between 1800-GOT-JUNK? and Bicycles for Humanity

Many health care professionals in Namibia and other countries simply can’t complete their rounds because they lack adequate transportation. So the Sydney junk franchise decided to donate the bikes they collect to Bicycles for Humanity, who get them to healthcare professionals in need.

These bicycles are a green and cost-effective method of transportation that actually save lives in Africa by allowing doctors to get to patients faster. And just by giving them a new life, you’re reducing the environmental impact of adding them to the scrap heap.

But you don’t have to be in Australia to help. Bicycles for Humanity operates in Canada and the United States, too. In the US, World Bicycle Relief does similar work, so there are many ways you can donate.

Finally, if you can’t find a charity nearby, consider giving your bike to a community center, school, or simply asking friends and family if they can use a new two-wheeler.

You’re doing a world of good.

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