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The junkyard challenge: Try this at home!

Wondering what to do with all the junk that seems to keep building up in your home?

Don’t throw anything out; instead, create these beautiful items using the junk around your house. Ready, set, create!

Create children’s jewelry with buttons


Buttons make the perfect craft supplies for kids – they’re small enough for little hands, and there always seems to be a readily available supply in the house! By using buttons of varying sizes, you can create animal necklaces. A large button makes the head, and you can use smaller buttons to make eyes, ears and a nose. Attach a loop of string to the animal’s face and you’re done!

Create planters with tea tins

Wondering what to do with that very pretty tea tin after the tea is gone? Drill a hole in the bottom of it, and you have an ornate planter, perfect for a home made hostess gift.

Create candle holders with mason jars

Set up a beautiful display of candles in your home using old mason jars that have lost their lids. Jars of varying sizes will look best. All you need to do is place tea lights inside each jar. For a nautical look, place pebbles and stones in the jar as a base for the candle. You can change the base with the seasons. Consider using acorns in the fall and epsom salts in the winter.

What things have you made with your junk? Share your “junkspiration” with us.

Andrea Hanft is a Public Relations Manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and sister companies WOW 1 DAY PAINTING and You Move Me. Originally from Toronto, Andrea is very happy to be a Vancouver newbie, spending her weekends hiking and exploring the city. You can connect with her via LinkedIn.

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