Quiz: What kind of junk ‘collector’ are you?

Take this quiz to find out if you have too much junk.

From sports equipment and clothes to souvenirs and other knick knacks, we all seem to have a tendency to accumulate stuff. It can be hard to get rid of our things, especially sentimental items or stuff we think has true value. Some of us are better than others when it comes to parting ways with our belongings, but we all seem to have a tendency to hold on.


Take the quiz:


How often do you go through your kitchen drawers and cabinets to organize?

a) Regularly – I like to know where everything is.

b) About once a year, or when my drawers are overflowing.

c) Never. I can’t even open some drawers because they’re so stuffed.


When you visit a garage sale, how often do you bring something home?

a) Very rarely. Sometimes I will see something that’s just what I’ve been looking for, but otherwise I usually come home empty-handed.

b) I love garage sales. I am always tempted to take everything home, but I limit myself to 1 or 2 things.

c) I usually find lots of things to take home. It’s a good deal, so why not?


How often do you visit the thrift store to donate items?

a) I am always dropping things off. It feels really good to make space for myself and donate.

b) About once a year I usually take over a car load of clothes, old appliances and toys.

c) I never know when I will need something again, so I don’t like to give things away.


How often do you visit the thrift store to shop?

a) I usually visit only once a year for my Halloween costume.

b) I visit the thrift store every couple of months to see if there are any amazing finds.

c) Weekly. I want to be the first one to scoop up all the good deals!


What does your desk look like?

a) Only my computer sits on my desk. I have all my documents saved electronically.

b) I have a lot of folders on my desk, but everything is somewhat organized into piles and I know roughly where everything is.

c) It’s completely covered in papers. I am scared to get rid of a document in case it’s important and I will need it in the future.


How often do you lose things in your home?

a) Everything has a place in my home. I rarely misplace something.

b) There are occasions when I can’t find something, but it always turns up a couple of weeks later.

c) I often can’t find things, but it’s not usually anything expensive, so I go out and pick up another one.


How do you organize your clothes closet?

a) I follow the “one in, one out” rule and everything is organized by season.

b) I have lots of clothes, so my closet is a little messy. I make sure to hang everything up, so things don’t get wrinkled!

c) I use my clothes closet as storage for other things. Most of my clothes are in piles around my bedroom.


Your results


Mostly As – Picky Picker

Way to go! You are great at keeping organized and knowing when to let things go. When you do decide to get something new, it’s a very calculated decision, and you make sure you have space for it first. Keep up the awesome organization, but don’t forget to treat yourself to something new once in a while!

Mostly Bs – Sentimental Collector

You could use a little improvement in the organization department, but you are doing a good job of keeping your inclination to keep everything in check. Consider taking the time to go through all the closets, cabinets and drawers in your home to see where you could make some space for yourself.

Mostly Cs – Keeper

Be careful to ensure your “keeper” habits don’t start to get more serious. Make an effort to stop accumulating things and seek help from a close friend to help you start to organize your home. Consider seeking help from a professional if your habits worsen, or if you start exhibiting hoarding tendencies.

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Andrea Hanft is a Public Relations Manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and sister companies WOW 1 DAY PAINTING and You Move Me. Originally from Toronto, Andrea is very happy to be a Vancouver newbie, spending her weekends hiking and exploring the city. You can connect with her via LinkedIn.

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