Make denim throw pillows

6 ways to upcycle old clothes

A good rule for keeping your closet under control is “one in, one out.” This is a great rule for keeping your wardrobe organized, but what should you do with the clothes that are “out?” 

For clothes in good condition, there are a few options.

Visit a consignment store

If you have clothing that is in very good condition, and from a nice brand, consider taking it to a consignment store. Keep in mind consignment stores often will only take seasonal items. You likely won’t get much back, but it’s better than nothing – and most importantly – better than the trash.

Host a clothing swap party

Consider having your friends over for a night of free shopping. Ask everyone to bring a few items from their closet that they don’t wear anymore and trade!


Clean clothes in good condition should be donated. Many organizations such as Value Village and The Salvation Army accept gently used clothing for donation.

What about the clothes that are not in good enough condition to be donated or traded with friends? For those pieces, consider upcycling – and enjoy a ‘craft-ernoon’!

Make a T-shirt quilt

If you have a drawer filled with old sentimental t-shirts, make a quilt. You can keep your memories with you, but empty out that much-needed dresser drawer.


Make denim throw pillows

Can’t fit into your jeans from high school? Make use of the fabric by creating denim throw pillows. This article from WikiHow gives a great step-by-step guide on how to create your own.

Make bean bags with old socks

We all have socks with missing mates. Turn spare socks into a fun game for kids by creating bean bags. Can’t sew? No problem. These can be made by simply tying a tight knot with the sock’s own fabric – no sewing required.

What clothing item has been sitting around your house for far too long?

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