Tips for cleaning out your junky car

It brings a whole new meaning to ‘junk car’.

Have you ever been asked unexpectedly by a friend, or worse a co-worker, for a ride home or to an event, and had that sinking feeling of regret that you didn’t take the time on your weekend to finally clean out your junky car? Trust me, it’s happened to the most tidy-conscious of us. Typically it’s our very closest friends and family who drive with us anyway, and they’re supposed to love us with all our spots, right?

If it’s lack of time that’s your challenge, unfortunately we can’t help. But if your junky ways are due to lack of motivation, we can demonstrate how easy the job can be tackled.

Here are our 5 best tips for cleaning out your junky car (in such a way that it stays clean and tidy in future):

1. Book the cleaning time

Get your mobile scheduler out right now and book 30 minutes on your next day off. Title it “Clean out my junky car.”

2. Get a trunk organizer

Stop by Walmart (tonight or tomorrow) and purchase the Honey Can Do Trunk Organizer for $12. On Amazon you can also find trunk organizers with Velcro on the bottom to stick to the carpet of your trunk.

3. Keep bags in the car

Grab a handful of plastic grocery bags and bundle them into a cloth or canvas bag that can be left in your car (tonight or tomorrow).

4. Toss the garbage and organize the rest

On “clean out my junky car day”, move a garbage bin close to your vehicle and have your storage unit nearby. Your goal is to put everything in your car in either one of those bins. Anything else does not belong in your car and can be stowed (neatly) in the garage.

5. Clean, clean, clean

Now give your car the well-deserved outside/inside cleaning it needs.


The large canvas bag filled with plastic bags should be accessible in the car either on the floor in the back or in the trunk to remind you daily to use one for any garbage.

Happy driving!

Tania Venn is Director, PR for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Her other responsibilities include leading the PR team for You Move Me and WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. Tania is an avid storyteller and ardent public relations practitioner. She can be found on Google+ and LinkedIn.

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