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Tidy for love

Don’t let your junk jeopardize your chance at love!

Scenario: You’re on a date and things are going well. So well, in fact, he or she wants to come back to your house.

Panic sets in! There are piles of clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink, magazines askew on the coffee table … In short, your place is a sty.

It’s time to make a decision: Do you take a risk and invite your date over, even though your place is filthy? Or do you fake food poisoning and head for the hills?

Regardless, what could have blossomed into a beautiful relationship is likelier to end up under a dresser with your stinky socks if your date realizes how messy you are. Remember the following:

Always Expect Guests

This is a good, old-fashioned rule that works. If your house is always tidy, there’s never a reason to worry. But if you’re not there yet …

Biggest Problems First

Deal with the most obvious messes: What’s on the floor that shouldn’t be there? What’s growing bacteria? Tackle that first.

When you’re going through your belongings, throw out duplicates, broken appliances, and worn-out clothing. Donate clothing you never wear, recycle those magazines and newspapers, and dispose of those old food containers!

Once you’ve pared down your belongings and gotten rid of the grunge, it’s time to clean. A tidy home is useless if it still smells like a gym bag, so grab those Lysol wipes!

Keep It Simple

If you have a hard time staying tidy, adopt a minimalist mentality and simply try not to add to your clutter.

A significant problem area is usually the kitchen, where dishes, takeout containers, crumbs, and recycling easily become overwhelming.

Set up some systems. For example, commit to always putting dirty dishes right into the dishwasher (and emptying it when it’s full). Have clearly-labeled bins for garbage, recycling, and paper/cardboard, and take it all out once a week – full or not.

Remember that if every item has a home, it’s hard to make a mess. Give yourself some time to get comfortable with your new way of life. But if you can’t go long-term with your new systems, at least make a rule to tidy before any date – you’ll thank yourself later!

Have you ever had a date or guest come over and be horrified by the state of your home? Share your horror (and success) stories with us!

Sarah Gray is PR Manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and sister companies You Move Me, and WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. She’s known for her can-do attitude, whether it comes to communications or home improvement projects. Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn.

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