Country Living has got it down pat!
Country Living has got it down pat!

How to declutter before the holidays

Read on if you don’t know where to start.

It’s officially the holiday season and it’s best to declutter your home now before the guests start to arrive. While this time of the year is normally joyous and festive, it can also be stressful and expensive; in order to stay on track, it’s important to have a proper plan in place!


Before you start decluttering your home, develop a strategy first. This will save you time and stress, while keeping you organized. Create a list of everything you want to accomplish this holiday season. Even though the last thing you want to be doing is decluttering while you’re busy buying gifts, baking holiday treats, organizing holiday parties and decorating, get the cleaning out of the way first (or you’ll never get it done).

Take inventory

Dig out decorations from the basement or attic and take a good, thorough look at what you have on hand. Is there anything that you haven’t used in years? Are some decorations broken or faded? Are you hanging on to stuff just because you don’t feel like throwing it away? Maybe you even have decorations that are identical to one another. Be honest with yourself, maximize space, and stay organized.

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Create a gift wrap station

Set up a gift wrap station in an area of your home that you can easily access. You don’t need a huge space; a small table will suffice. Take inventory of your supplies from years past. Get rid of anything that is too old or broken. Next, gather up all your supplies (wrapping paper, ribbons, labels, tape, and scissors) and organize them, by category, at your gift wrapping station. Ribbons everywhere? I don’t think so.


Country Living has got it down pat!

Clear busy areas

Now you’re ready to go through each room of your home and declutter! If you’ll be having guests stay over, pay special attention to your guest room and bathroom, as these are the areas visitors will likely frequent the most. Clear out ‘storage’ items like old magazines and books, exercise equipment, unused furniture and miscellaneous boxes. This is a great time to go through notorious trouble spots like garages, attics, basements and closets as well. Take note of your dining room: is there enough space for everyone around the table? If you can’t fit all of your chairs, consider downsizing the chairs, expanding the table, or–if you’re comfortable departing from tradition–opt for a buffet.

How are you decluttering this holiday season?

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