Halloween decorations on white background

DIY Halloween crafts

Decorating can be cheap and effective when you recycle!

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, material and money to create your own Halloween decorations. In fact, many useful items can be found around your home. Why not be resourceful this year and make your own spooky Halloween crafts? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Wicked wicker pumpkin

scary pumpkin

Do you have any round wicker baskets that you don’t use? Consider turning them into Halloween art. Paint one orange and make a faux Jack-o’-lantern!

Ominous origami bats

origami bat

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do origami, now’s your chance! All you need is some basic folding skills, black construction paper, and some glow in the dark paint if you really want to get creative. Watch this video for a great bat tutorial that even flaps its wings!

Monstrous masks


Not only is a paper bag mask an environmentally conscious choice for a costume, it’s also fun and creative. Of course, the bigger your head is, the bigger the bag you’ll need (likely a grocery bag). There’s a lot of room to get creative here, and it’s great for kids.

Hair-raising Halloween balloons

ghostsintree glow-stick-balloons pumpkin-balloons

Balloons make for simple and inexpensive Halloween decorations, and people often have these tucked away in a drawer somewhere. Grab a bunch of orange, white and black ones, blow them up, and you’re good to go! Draw some spooky faces on them, drop a mini glowstick inside, cover them in ghostly rags…the sky’s the limit.

What kinds of Halloween decorations do you like to use?

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