It’s ‘fall’ about yard organization

September is here, and the lazy days of summer will soon be a distant memory. That means it’s time to start tending to your backyard!

This autumn, it’s “fall” about yard organization. Here are some helpful tips to get your yard ready for the cooler season.


No room in the garage or basement? Running low on storage space even after you’ve decluttered and tossed the junk? Invest in a small shed for the backyard. Here you can store patio furniture, garden tools, lawn supplies and more. There are many options available, from pop-up sheds to aluminum monsters. Or if you’re handy, build your own.


Always clean your patio furniture before you put it away, to avoid a rusty set in the spring. If you don’t have a pressure washer, fill a bucket with some dish soap and wipe down the surfaces with a sponge. If your seat cushions are stained, throw them in the washing machine. Find a spot in the garage, basement or shed to stack the furniture away for next summer. And of course–get rid of any broken pieces!



Your gutters move water away from the roof and house, allowing for proper drainage. If they’re clogged with leaves and debris, excess water could seep into the walls and ceilings of your home. To avoid this, clean your gutters now before winter sets in. All you need is a ladder, a hose, some gloves and a garden claw. Clear all the debris away before hosing the gutters down.


Rake your leaves after they’ve fallen (most of us don’t like the sight and smell of leaves decomposing, anyway, and it’s bad for your lawn). Next, get a simple compost bin for all the leaves and grass clippings. You don’t have to buy one: scrounge around the house for some old boards, fasten them together, and you’re all set.


Inspect your garden. Get a good idea of how all your plants and vegetables did over the summer and make adjustments for the next growing season. Next, start weeding and digging up dead vines and annuals then toss them in the compost. Finally, till the soil. Tilling breaks up compacted dirt and allows oxygen to seep into the deeper layers, enabling a healthier garden to flourish next year.



Some people think they need to put away the BBQ for the colder seasons, but a simple cover will allow easy access for year-round grilling! Before you do that, you’ll need to clean the grill. Fire up the BBQ on high for 15 minutes as this will burn off any traces of food, making it easier to scrape down with a wire brush. Next, clean the outside of the BBQ with some hot, soapy water and a rag. Finally, invest in that cover for your BBQ and get grillin’.

Where do you store your patio furniture?

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