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This guest post book review is all about simple strategies for bringing order to your home.

bookSandra Felton, “the organizer lady“, is the author of this very practical book to help people bring order to their life. The book helps people to “reach their organizational goals in the simplest way possible,”  which is why I recommend the book.  It’s full of people’s stories, quizzes, tips and practical solutions to suit a variety of personalities.

The book focuses on planning.  I recently tweeted “hope is not a plan”.  Felton outlines how to develop a plan that is right for the person, how to work with the plan to organize each space in the house, and how to maintain this new, organized life.

Here are some of the tips that appear in her book:


If a bathroom is shared by several children and is cluttered with their things, pick up some colored baskets for toiletries. Each child can take it back and forth to the bedroom, leaving the bathroom clear.


Use the walls to hang up smaller items you need more often.  Put up a peg board in the garage and use S-hooks to hang up gardening equipment, tools and sports equipment.

Laundry Routine

If you do laundry for a number of people, refuse to wash unpaired socks. Insist that everyone pins each pair of socks together with a sturdy safety pin or those little plastic circles into which some sock pairs will slip. If they aren’t paired, you won’t wash them. Another good idea is to color code socks. Buy a different colored band or sock for each individual and let him or her match their socks.

Sandra Felton encourages us to “spend less time and energy on the mechanics of living and give more time for more significant pursuits.” Her books help people to be successful at this.

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About our guest contributor:

Julie Stobbe is a Trained Professional Organizer and Silver Leaf member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Julie is the Chairperson of the Education Committee for Professional Organizers in Canada. She has earned a Level 1 Certificate in Chronic Disorganization from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICG). She began her company Mind over Clutter in 2006 and works on-site or virtually with residential and office clients. She brings happiness to homes and organization to offices.

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