Say goodbye to paper piles

Here are five ways you can cut the clutter, organize the chaos, and keep the paper pile-up at bay:

Do you dream of clean? So do we, especially during office hours! If your corporate environment hasn’t adopted a paperless system, banishing the paper-clutter monster may seem daunting. Between the invoices, confirmations, statements and email correspondence, it can add up quickly.

Embrace the digital age

A conscious effort can go a long way. Think twice the next time you are about to click ‘print’ on your computer. Do you really need to print it? Opt for a digital alternative: store information electronically and scan whenever possible.

Save documents to a cloud storage service

cloud storage (1)

When it comes to moving and storing large files, consider a digital cloud storage device. Not only does this cut down on your carbon footprint, but this system also offers easy sharing capabilities with colleagues. You’ll be able to access your files from remote locations, anywhere and at any time.

Turn piles into files


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Find a clear, flat surface and say goodbye to desktop clutter by organizing everything into piles. Once this is done, use sturdy file folders and clearly label them by function or purpose (clients, invoices, receipts, etc.). Put the folders in a logical order (alphabetically, chronologically or by order of importance) and file them away neatly.

Create a message system

message system

When the phone rings or colleagues drop by your desk when you’re not around, many of us still search for a scrap piece of paper to scribble the message or contact information. Before you know it, these tiny pieces of paper are everywhere. To avoid future chaos, tell colleagues you’d prefer an email reminder, or if you must have a physical note, make sure you always have a notepad and pen sitting on top of your desk.

Stay on a strict schedule for future maintenance

You probably know all too well that paper piles can quickly accumulate. To keep them from getting out of control, make sure you stay on top of incoming paper items. Schedule some time each week to review any paper that is still lingering, and make a decision to either file or toss it.

How do you manage your paper piles?

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