How to break free from kitchen clutter

Broken, dirty, expired…what’s hiding in your kitchen?

Does your kitchen have pots and pans in disarray, plastic storage lids stuffed in cupboards with no matching bottoms to be found, and a pantry full of canned goods that expired last year?

If this sounds all too familiar, then you know it’s time to cut the clutter. Before you get started, clear the counters, empty the dishwasher and fill the sink with hot soapy water (this will offer a quick clean-up solution for those dusty, dirty items you are bound to come across during your cleaning spree).

Keep on rollin’!

roll out shelves

When it comes to keeping pots, pans and cleaning supplies in check, roll-out drawers can save the day! Since cabinets may be deep, it can be difficult to find items when you need them. This handy storage solution will keep your counters clean and allow you to easily and quickly retrieve cooking equipment, small appliances and other items that often get hidden in the back of deep cabinets.

Divide and conquer


Watch out for the perilous (but common) junk drawer! To keep this area organized, use every inch by using expandable dividers or clear plastic organizers. Then, separate all items according to their use; for example, keep your barbeque utensils in one area and your appetizer utensils in another. You can also choose to organize items by shape, function and/or frequency – it’s up to you!

Clearly contained

Clearly contained

Even though guessing games can be fun, you might not see it that way when it comes to your kitchen. Here’s an idea: store regularly used ingredients like flour and sugar in clear plastic or glass containers so it’s easier to see what you have. Put the containers on open shelves near the cooking area for easy access.  

Bountiful baskets


Baskets are the perfect option to give items like lids, napkins and dish towels a space of their own. Open weave baskets can also serve as pantry storage for produce that needs proper air circulation. Not only is this a super easy organization solution, but it’s also stylish and can add a sense of rustic warmth to your kitchen.

And there you have it! Easy and sensible solutions to help clear your kitchen clutter and keep it under control. Now you can be well on your way to cooking up a storm, without any messy distractions.

What are some of your kitchen organizing tricks that help transform your space from chaotic to calm?

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