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Thinking outside the closet

Are you obsessed with putting everything in its proper place so it’s easy to find something when you need it? We are too. But when you’re working with limited space, we understand that this might seem like an impossible task.

We decided to channel our organizing obsession and come up with a list of ways you can make the most of your tight closet space. With creative storage solutions and unique tips and tricks, anything is possible.

Install additional shelving to maximize vertical space.

Start looking up…what do you see? A whole world of possibilities! When you install additional shelving at the top of your closet, you’ll be able to make the most out of every square inch. A word of advice though: Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high. We also recommend moving your off-season clothes out of your closet (if possible, put them under your bed or in a dresser). This will give you tons of extra space to work with. If you have a tiny closet and limited square footage, another option is to move your off-season fashions to the back and everything else to the front.

Dividers on the shelves will keep everything in its place.  

Picture this: stacks of T-shirts placed perfectly on top of one another, folded sweaters that look like they’re straight out of a magazine, handbags side-by-side in their own section…sounds amazing, right? Dividers are the perfect solution to help keep contents from toppling into disarray. Not only is this an easy DIY project, but it will also transform your closet into a piece of art. You can buy wooden or acrylic shelf dividers from your local hardware store; paint them any color you wish and secure each one by drilling two screws into the underside of the shelf.

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Shoe cubbies will allow frequently used items to be organized and stay accessible.

Doesn’t the word ‘cubbie’ remind you of kindergarten? A wooden cubbie/shelving system is really easy to install. It can be placed at the bottom of your closet or along each side to store shoes, purses, belts and other small accessories. If you’re looking to have your closet double as linen closet, cubbies are also great for storing sheets and pillowcases.

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To group small items or a bunch of accessories together, clear shoe boxes are a terrific idea to use in each cubbie; not only will they help keep your closet organized, but they will also let you get a little crazy (in a good way, of course) with the sorting, storing and labeling.

There you have it…three unique ways to keep your closet looking clean and organized! Now, instead of staring at a confusing, chaotic mess, you’ll be able to easily come up with carefully considered outfits – even on those ‘manic Monday’ mornings!

So tell us, what other tips do you have for closet organization and space saving solutions?

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