Tips for shopping a yard sale

How do you get the best deals and check for quality? To celebrate this year’s Yard Sale for the Cure–a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation event that the Toronto 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise puts on every year–we are offering you tips on the best items to source at a yard sale. Read on!


Yard sales are a great place to supplement your kid’s closet without spending a fortune. Inspect each item for rips and stains, and put them through a spin cycle before dressing your little one. Re-donate or sell the clothes when they become too small!


Add to your toy room without breaking the bank. Second-hand can be “new” to your child, and there will be no tears if they get broken or lost. Check to ensure the toys or games have all the pieces – and barter for a lower price if they’re still usable but are missing some stuff.



Yard sales are the best places to find unique furniture and you can reupholster to your liking. The best part is that redecorating with yard sale furniture will cost a fraction of the price of buying new. Always sit in the chair, open the doors to hinged furniture, and test out lamps to find deficiencies before you buy.


Vinyl aficionados attest to the pure sound provided by records, plus they’re a great collector’s item. A vintage album can range in price from $0.25 to $50, but it will give you a nostalgic listening experience. You never know what you’ll find–records make great gifts, too!



If books are more your speed, yard sales are a great place to find discarded bestsellers and children’s books. Bring home some new classics at a discounted price, but make sure there’s no mold lurking in between the pages!



From old china, to cast-iron pans, kitchenware is almost always available at yard sales. It’s usually in serviceable condition, and because it was a deal, it’s OK if the bottom burns out.


Yard Sale for the Cure - Kew Gardens 163

Sporting goods are some of the most common yard sale items, mainly because a) most have long lives if cared for properly, and b) they’re often bought for a few uses one summer and then they gather dust in the garage for the next few years. Now’s your chance!



If you live in Toronto, come find any of the above at Yard Sale for the Cure May 24! For all other Canadians, there are fantastic yard sales going on all over the country this weekend. Find out more at www.yardsaleforthecure.com.

The Yard Sale for the Cure in Toronto is the city’s biggest annual yard sale…ever. And it has some amazing stuff on offer, from furniture and clothing, to appliances and knick knacks, because 1-800-GOT-JUNK? curates only the best items to sell.

The sale will kick off at 8am on May 24 at Trinity Bellwoods Park and Kew Gardens in downtown Toronto. It’s a day of deals that raises thousands of dollars for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Last year, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? raised over $35,000 to put towards breast cancer research.


What kind of great finds have you taken home from yard sales? Tell us your best shopping tips!

Sarah Gray is PR Manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and sister companies You Move Me, and WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. She’s known for her can-do attitude, whether it comes to communications or home improvement projects. Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn.

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