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Mom’s the Word (Part 2)

Every house has those common areas that never seem to stay clean, no matter how hard you try. For most parents, children’s bedrooms and playrooms are popular areas where clutter and tripping hazards are everywhere.

Toys themselves present an organizational nightmare for every parent; with so many stuffed animals, action figures, craft supplies, games and building blocks, it can be more than difficult to keep everything neat and tidy. The good news? There’s a way out of this chaos.

In order to solve this problem and to help minimize clutter within your household, it’s essential that you figure out the best storage solutions you can adopt and which ones you can use on an everyday basis.

Here are some creative storage solutions that are practical, efficient and kid-friendly:

Smart storage boxes

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Storage boxes are practical, convenient and easy to find at your local shopping center. If possible, try to get your hands on clear plastic boxes; these will allow you and your kids to see what’s inside each container, making it a lot easier to find a certain toy, or to see where to put it away.

If you’re working with a tight budget, feel free to pick up inexpensive plastic boxes at the dollar store or local yard sale. Whether you opt for basic or high end, the storage containers you choose should be durable, practical and easy for kids to access. We also recommend using containers without lids so kids can easily reach inside.

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Visual shelving

It’s time to put your bare walls to work! A small bookcase or short shelving unit will allow kids to see all of his or her toys at once. With this storage solution, toys that have been forgotten about, hidden or neglected for the last little while can finally make an appearance once again!

Important: make sure that the unit is properly and firmly attached to the wall. The height of the shelving should also correspond to the child’s height; that way, they’ll be able to grab their favorites easily, which makes putting them away a breeze!

Over-the-door shoe organizer

An over-the-door shoe rack is the most incredible space-saving solution. It’s an ideal organizer when space is at a premium!

The best part about mounting these on the inside of a door? The items are completely hidden; when you have company over, they won’t even be able to see it! The only one that will know it’s there is you.

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Your kids may have more toys than you know what to do with; some are well-loved favorites and others they rarely play with, or have most likely outgrown. Before you consider any of the solutions above, take inventory of what items can stay, and which items the kids can live without. When you’re done, be sure to donate any unwanted items to your local community donation drive.

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What type of storage system do you rely on at home, especially when it comes to organizing and storing your children’s toys?

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