March-breaking from clutter

It happens every year: our clocks jump ahead, spring is just around the corner, and the kids are home for a week! Are you stumped on how to keep them occupied? We have the perfect solution – in fact, we have more than one!

We know all too well that it’s hard to make housework a fun activity that your kids can get excited about. But with a little creativity and imagination, getting your kids to participate can actually be a breeze.

Here are five creative ways to clean your home, while keeping the kids entertained and happy… all at the same time!

Dress for success

It’s time for everyone to use their imagination and play dress up! Here’s an idea: pretend your family is starring in their very own cleaning commercial. The kids are the stars (of course) and they have to show the audience their best cleaning skills. Create costumes and get the kids to carry buckets, rags and spray bottles… they will not only look ‘professional’, but adorable, too!

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Shake, jump, wiggle & jiggle

Turn up the music during your spring clean for an instant dance party. Not only is this a great fitness activity for the entire family, but it also allows everyone to be creative and have some fun while you clean. If everyone is craving a little competition, you could easily turn this into a dance contest by making it your mission as a family to tidy up an entire room before a song is complete.

Shoot hoops

When you play this game, ‘throwing away your trash’ will take on a whole new meaning! Once your cleaning spree is complete, set aside all of the junk to purge and place it in a pile. Then set up a large bin at the other end of the room and have family members take turns trying to throw the items you’re getting rid of into the bin. The family member who makes the most baskets is the winner!

When you’re all done, bring the discarded items to a consignment store or donate them to charity (of course, if you’re literally throwing items into a bin, they probably aren’t the donatable ones). To make the job a little easier, consider looking into a full-service junk removal company to lend a hand and dispose of your items for you.

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Dust on, dust off

Do you have a lot of hardwood or laminate in the house? Your kids will love this game: search high and low for an old pair of socks and give a pair to each family member. Then, assign each person a different room in the house. Each person has to ’slide’ around the room, and the one who can collect the most dust on the bottom of their socks wins the game.

Celebrate a job well done

A job well done not only deserves a pat on the back but it also deserves a reward. When the house is spic-and-span, have everybody kick up their feet by having a pizza party, watching your favorite movie or making home-made sundaes as a sweet treat.

Sam Landa is Content Manager and social media manager at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environment & Sustainability, and in her spare time, she enjoys playing live music and writing. Connect with Sam on  or LinkedIn.

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What are your plans for March Break? Do you and your family plan to do any spring cleaning? We want to know!

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