3 ideas for your graduate’s old bedroom

If you have a kid who’s moving out for college this September, now’s the time to start thinking about what to do with their old bedroom once its been cleared out. Here are some inspiring photos that will bring some excitement to what can be a bitter sweet moment in a parent’s life.

The Craft Room


Pic via www.vizimac.com

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have all your craft supplies out and ready to go? Some craft rooms are laid out like mini stores, but simple is great too! Most craft rooms include an island or counter that’s high enough to craft on comfortably.


Pic via www.inmyownstyle.com

If you don’t want the full craft room experience, how about just a cupboard? Keeping crafts to a cupboard means there’s still room for a bed in case you wanna let your college kid crash from time to time.

The Yoga Room

pic via www.wellandgoodnyc.com

Pic via www.wellandgoodnyc.com

The great thing about a yoga room is that it doesn’t require much, actually less is more when it comes to going Namaste. Add good lighting with dimmers and create a soothing scent with an ultrasonic mist diffuser.

Pic via www.casedesign.com

Pic via www.casedesign.com

A mirrored wall is a good idea and if you can’t do the whole wall, then a few full-length mirrors will work.

The Media Room

Pic via www.houzz.com

Pic via www.houzz.com

Media rooms are the perfect way to enjoy the moving image in an intimate setting. Maybe you cheer for a sports team that’s not so popular at your local pub or perhaps you need a lot of leg room – whatever the reason, a media room can be a spectacular alternative to a kid’s bedroom.

Pic via www.fslide.com

Pic via www.fslide.com

Not all media rooms need a red carpet or traditional theater seating. Here’s a simpler media room that still creates a comfortable getaway. Check out another stellar media room in our Back-to-Basements post!

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