De-clutter your home for back to school


Spring is often touted as the time to get busy organizing and cleaning the house. Another great time of year to focus in this direction is the fall and back to school time. Why? It’s the perfect transition to take your kids from holiday mode back into the routine of school. During summer vacation and long, days spent outdoors, kids’ bedrooms and closets are neglected, perhaps littered with beach toys, crumpled paperbacks, and summer clothes. Once they start nagging to go back-to-school shopping is the perfect time to schedule the back to school clean-up.

Follow our top tips for getting the house ready for back to school:

Organize closets. Go through bedroom closets identifying summer clothing you and your kids likely won’t wear again this year. Choose to fold and store these items away for the fall and winter or move them to a separate area of the closet. If you have fall and winter clothes that need to be brought out, get those ready. Go through items from all seasons that don’t fit or aren’t suitable any longer and make a plan to donate them to charity or hand them down.

Tidy up rooms. Have your kids spend a day cleaning up their rooms. Place summer craft projects and vacation items into storage totes for use in future. As a rule, getting these chores done now should last you until the winter holidays:  wipe down walls, floors, window ledges, baseboards; clean windows inside and out; wipe down blinds and ceiling fan blades; wash draperies, cushions, and bed skirts; clean under beds and inside closets.

This may also be a good time to consider a larger project, such as painting your child’s room. Last year’s princess pink may not be so appropriate for a child entering high school. For tips on how to tackle this project, read more here.

Clear out the garage. During the summer the garage often becomes the dumping ground for beach toys, inner tubes, boats, camping gear, etc… It’s time make room for the car again! Get the family involved in clearing out the garage and storing summer equipment away. Take the time to set aside items you no longer need for charity, recycling, or a junk removal specialist.

Shop. Here is the incentive for your kids to do the lion’s share of the work assigned, above! Back to school clothes and supplies shopping. To stick within your budget, outline your list of needed items before you head out to the mall and work on it together so the expectations are clear for all. Purchase school supplies, any necessary electronics, and clothes needed for the cooler weather.

The fun continues when you return home and get to set up the rooms again. Clear off the desk and set up electronics, paper, pens and pencils, and any texts your kids will need at hand. Have them sort through their new clothes and hang and fold them away.

Book a time for the junk removal crew to pick up unwanted items.

And…you’re set for another great back to school transition. When kids are invested in getting their rooms ready for back to school, there’s a greater chance of them being successful making the transition to the routine of deadlines and studying.

Tania Venn is Director, Public Relations at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. A great story can last for hours before her appetite resurfaces.  Tania leads the world’s most creative PR team and also oversees public relations for WOW 1 DAY PAINTING and You Move Me. Connect with Tania on twitter at @taniavenn. Tania can be found on Google+ and LinkedIn.

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