Bitcoin Explained

We’re in the business of physical stuff. The over-accumulation of tangible junk in our lives is one of the reasons why 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is a viable service today. It’s no surprise then, that a recent discussion among some employees here at the Junktion about virtual caught my attention. The conversation was about the Bitcoin. 

A quick google of the term can overwhelm you so I’ve hand-picked what I think are the best sources to educate yourself on the topic of virtual, untraceable currency.

Watch this cute video explanation from WeUseCoins: 

And after you’ve watched that, read this fantastic summary to better understand the Bitcoin without any fancy, techy words:  Explaining Bitcoin without the Buzzwords by Bloomberg.

We’re so used to relying on “stuff” to be physical but as our world evolves, we can’t ignore the leaps we’ve made towards virtual living. It is with this realization that I’ve decided to sit down with Brian Scudamore, our CEO, to propose a new arm of our business, one specializing in the cleanup and disposal of online junk. I wonder if our Truck Team Members will still need the steel toed boots.

Comment below with suggestions on what our virtual junk removal company could be called!

Natalie Burgwin is the over-eager Senior Public Relations Manager at 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Logo bomber by day, photo bomber by night. Natalie would be a minimalist if it weren’t for all her stuff. She is the resident Tweeter for @YouMoveMeCo, @1800gotjunk and has her own ramblings on @nburgwin. She’d love for you to connect with her on LinkedIn or Google+.

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