An Organized Junk Drawer in 6 Steps!

This blog post was written by 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s Public Relations Intern, Stephanie Whalen.

Everyone has that one hidden space in which we throw the odds and ends that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Yes, I am referring to the junk drawer. I have always been curious about the history behind the junk drawer. How did this concept evolve into such a common household characteristic? Who knows why we all feel the need to chuck random artifacts into a drawer? Why not just throw that junk away? If you are at the point where that drawer no longer closes, here are 6 steps to organize and clean your junk drawer once and for all. Who knows–you may even find some hidden treasures along the way!

Dump the junk

Literally. Pull out the drawer completely and dump it onto a clear area. Whether that clear area is a table, counter or floor is your choice.

Thoroughly clean

Use a multi-purpose cleaner and towel to spray and wipe out the grime that was probably hiding underneath the junk.

Test pens

The number one item in your junk drawer is probably a pen collection. Test each pen to make sure it’s still working, and if it happens to be out of ink, to the garbage it goes.

Sort paper

Another common item found in the junk drawer is paper. Take out menus, sticky notes and business cards–these tend to get shuffled together into a mass paper collection. Sort through the paper. Recycle what is no longer of use and paper clip the rest.

Collect loose change

If you are lucky enough to find any loose coins (even better, bills) put them in your piggy bank! Every little bit counts!

Set up drawer organizers

You can purchase sectional drawer organizers, which are a great way to divide up the odds and ends. You can also make organizers yourself. Empty cans (preferably a clean tuna can) or tupperware containers will be just as effective. Sort your various items accordingly to finish off your masterpiece!

Goodbye junk drawer. Hello organization!

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