Holiday Message

I would like to share with you a holiday message sent out by Dr. Suzanne Chabaud to her co-workers on A&E’s Hoarders. Thank-you, Dr. Chabaud, for permission to share!

Wonderful were the days of few options and unquestioned beliefs.

When being good meant getting something on a simple list of things.

When wishing was more exciting than having,

And days were filled with anticipation of dreams come true.


Humbling was the day I realized that other people had inside-outs.

And from inside themselves, gifts were just as desired,

And disappointments, equally as painful, as mine.  

That day, I began to understand compassion and sharing.


Bountiful was the day when in a moment I could see a gift.

With a glance, often-unnoticed things became noticed,

And noticed gifts were rarely the ones I sought

Or expected.


Fulfilling were the days of gratitude and recognition,

When I never intended to be noticed, but was.

But richer were the days I noticed value in someone else,

And, through my vision, they better saw themselves.

Challenging were the days when pain seemed endless,

When in a moment, an unexpected gift left me speechless,  

And unearthed in me a simple but profound realization,

Held at my core, shared, timeless and eternally applicable.


I no longer believe that life holds promise of exact things.

For me, worthy gifts are seldom flashy.

Often they are small acts of kindness–simple words from strangers—

Easily overlooked, but life changing when seen.


Being present for me is more rewarding than hope or desire,

Awareness as I move forward

Sometimes with fear, sometimes with confidence,

But still walking, ready to affect and be affected.

Now, with naked heart, I expose myself to life’s gifts.

Releasing that which hides rather than protects.

I appreciate my not knowing, my unpreparedness, my discovery

For in my smallness I see a truth that makes me big and sure.

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