How we deal with hoarding situations

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While we don’t come across hoarded homes all that often on the job, compulsive hoarding is still surprisingly common: research suggests it affects millions of people in the US and almost 1 million people in Canada. When 1-800-GOT-JUNK? does come across these situations, we make sure we’re physically equipped to deal with the massive amount of stuff in the home and are sensitive and accommodating when working with the homeowner. It’s often painful and excruciating for someone with hoarding tendencies to let go of their possessions, even if the items are broken or soiled. It’s up to us, as a junk removal company, to ensure we’re providing as much comfort, understanding and support as possible during this special kind of clean-up.

In Calgary, Alberta, we received a call from a homeowner to come out and do a colossal job. She wanted to sell her house, but she told us that someone had broken in and filled it with stuff. The truck team came prepared to tackle the home, but also prepared to be a shoulder to lean on, should the homeowner need it. You can see what the experience was like by going to the links below, where two local news affiliates came to check out the job with us:

CTV Calgary

Global Calgary

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