5 Reasons Why Fall Cleaning is Better than Spring Cleaning

If we all agree that our homes need at least one ruthless and focused de-cluttering clean-up each year, then I propose the fall for this event. Nesting instincts notwithstanding, the fall offers us the best timing for your annual elbow-greasing housework.

Consider these 5 reasons to get organized right now:

Fall’s harvest is bountiful but is soon followed by the withering end of life for our growing season. Our homes are filled with unwanted items leftover from summer events, camping, renovation work, and yard work. With the year’s most productive, busy schedules on the go right now, taking care of the disorganization leaves us free to focus on our work and holiday planning.

Holiday season is just around the corner and the in-laws will be visiting! Now is the time to clear the debris and boxes labelled: Sally-Ann from off of the spare room bed and start clearing space for visiting holiday guests.

Out with the old makes room for the new. With the holidays our living spaces tend to become cluttered with new items and gifts. Clearing today’s junk away ahead of time will make the congestion of the holidays much easier. According to the EPA, Americans produce the most waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Ringing in the New Year will be less stressful. What’s the first thing we think of after the celebrations of New Years have passed? Oh, Joy! Now I have to take care of Resolution #1:  Get Organized. Well, guess what? You don’t. You’re done. You’ve organized your home, made room for easy, breezy entertaining over the holidays and now you enjoy Resolution #2:  Join a Gym!

Enjoy Spring. Spring is a time for renewal and fresh starts. Having done your big de-clutter and clean in the fall, you can now turn your attention to outdoor activities, even your garden.

If these motivators aren’t enough to light a fire under your relaxing-by-the-fire-as-the-leaves-turn-brown self, well, why not consider breaking up the chores? Get rid of all the junk you no longer need, either on your own or by calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and take care of de-cluttering and organization in the fall, and focus on the big clean (windows, curtains, doors, chair-rails, etc…) in the spring.

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