Hoarders Premiere September 10th at 9pm PDT/EDT

It’s hard to believe we are about to welcome Season 6 of Hoarders! I can still remember like it was just yesterday getting a call inviting us to participate in a new show about compulsive hoarding. And the show is still appealing to die-hard fans and new viewers all across North America and other countries.

Like many reality TV shows we often wonder why the attraction to the personal, and often tragic details, of peoples’ lives? Fans of Hoarders tell 1-800-GOT-JUNK? that they love the show not just because the transformations to the hoarders’ homes are so remarkable, but because the emotional clearing – really getting to the root of the issues that caused the hoarding in the first place – is so powerful. We can all relate on some level to the growth many of these people experience on the show.

This season promises a few surprises as well as the most heartwarming stories viewers have ever seen, so please tune in on Monday nights at 9pm. For more details and synopses of each episode please visit http://www.aetv.com/hoarders/.

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