Say Goodbye to your VHS Movie Collection

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Are rotary phones, alarm clocks, encyclopedias and even CD players a thing of the past already?  It’s hard to imagine but trust us, our truck teams see them daily in piles of unwanted items. Yes, phone books are now considered junk.

Items that may be nostalgic to you and me have been replaced with newer, flashier technology. Unless there is an emotional connection to an item such as an answering machine or a VHS movie, there is no need for these bulky, less-efficient items hanging around the house, taking up space.

In a recent article in the San Fransisco Chronicle, reporter Amy Graff explained for how cassette tape had been removed from the Oxford English Dictionary…likely to make room for the words Retweet and Cyberbullying. She realized that there are many items that she grew up with that her kids will know nothing about.

I love the photo list that Amy added to her post titled, Things your kids may never know about.

I’ll continue to check in with our franchises to update you on items that are becoming obsolete…my prediction for next obsolete item? Eye glasses.

Comment below with your prediction.

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