Children of Hoarders on ABC’s 20/20

A crew from ABC’s news program, 20/20 recently stopped by a Hoarders shoot that was filming in California. The reporter on the story, Elizabeth Vargas, dove into the world of hoarding with a focus on one angle: what it’s like for children of hoarders.

After 4 seasons of our involvement on A&E’s Hoarders, and on regular jobs that involve hoarding, we have seen many children affected by this disorder.  It’s a difficult issue to imagine but a pertinent one in our world today. I commend ABC and the show 20/20 for tackling such a contentious and tragic issue.

I found the feature well-executed and informative but most of all inspiring. I’ve always believed that the toughest issues are ones that aren’t addressed. With this feature, we see how common the problems these children have are. We are told about resources available for those in need. Some may view the subject’s public sharing as embarrassing but these young people find solace and confidence in telling their tales while finding help for their parents.

The feature is in two parts:

20/20’s Children of Hoarders Part One

20/20’s Children of Hoarders Part Two

The website resource referenced is

Please, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Feel free to discuss the show, our involvement, the disorder or anything else that has sparked your interest while watching.

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