On Franchising: The Conference Call

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is the world’s largest junk removal company. However, at the head office, we don’t do a whole lot of hauling junk. That’s because in this particular area, we resemble more of a marketing and sales focused company. One of the aspects of this is, of course, franchise development – it’s one of the reasons we’re able to give people their space back across three countries!

Our franchise development department, a team of sales and franchising wizards, are supplying information for a fresh feature here on the blog. We’ve been in this business a long time now, so we’d like to share some of our best tactics (and maybe a few that didn’t work out so well) with those who would like to learn more about the franchising world.

The first, which we’ll look at today, is the conference call.

Most franchising companies provide some sort of intro session for interested parties to tune in, whether it be a webinar or informational recording. Some smaller companies will conduct one-on-one informational calls, but this gets time-prohibitive past a certain size and interest level. However, even large companies benefit from a live, human interaction with potential partners – the challenge is how to do it efficiently and effectively. Potential franchisees are about to invest a lot of money – they want human contact. The conference call fills this need.

At 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, conference calls are a weekly occurrence where interested candidates are invited to learn about the franchise opportunity after sending along a resume or professional profile. Not only does the format of the call ensure an effective use of our resources, it ensures that we deliver all the important information, parts of which may get otherwise skimmed over in numerous individual phone calls. As well, having the call at a predetermined time generally helps ensure that all candidates are committed to the investigation process.

On the call, the franchise development team is able to paint a picture of what it would be like to own a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise, and to explore the franchise systems. In addition to reviewing candidate requirements, we touch on the resources that come with being awarded a franchise (support, training, call center, booking engine, brand name and collateral, systems, intranet, PR and Marketing teams, truck and vendor relations, a connected network of franchise partners, etc.). As well, we review how our franchise system works (territories, costs, royalties, requirements, etc.). Throughout all this, the team is able to create excitement about the franchise opportunities, and to guide candidates through the investigation process.

One benefit of the conference call for attending candidates is that it allows them to discover if someone else is looking at their market, as introductions are made at the start of the call. Once introductions are made, the call is muted to allow team to control the timing and delivery of the information.

A compelling aspect of the call is when our Founder & CEO, Brian Scudamore, relates the story of how he first got into the business, and from there into franchising. Even though Brian’s schedule is packed as the CEO of a $100 million dollar company, he makes the time once a week to connect with candidates. It’s an opportunity for them to hear from the head of the company, and get a feel for the passion he has for the brand they’re thinking of buying into.

And it is the brand they are buying into – we do not sell franchises, we award them. Franchise partners buy into the systems, structures and support we already have in place.

A few currently available 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise opportunities are:

  • Oklahoma City
  • New Orleans
  • Green Bay

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