Take a Jaunt to the Junktion!

In early 2005, Brian Scudamore found himself inundated with requests from entrepreneurs and companies looking to glean some of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s culture.  So, he did what any proud CEO should do- he opened up the doors of our Head Office in Vancouver, Canada and welcomed anyone in that wanted to do a tour!

Since then, we’ve been encouraging anyone interested in learning more about our best practices and award-winning culture to join us on Friday mornings.

When groups arrive to the Junktion, they are greeted by a member of our Public Relations Team (yours truly, if you’re lucky). We start the discussion right off the bat. I say discussion because many groups have taken a trip to see us in order alter their team’s corporate culture so as we explain what we do at the Junktion, we like to hear feedback in order to offer specific input.

Before leaving our lobby, we go over Brian’s main principals. We outline Brian’s focus on Goal Setting and Review, both professionally and personally. We describe what a Painted Picture is and how it came to be. We go through our Core Value acronym: PIPE, which stands for Passion, Integrity, Professionalism and Empathy. Do you have those 4 things? If you work here, you do!

Throughout the rest of the tour, we teach the group about the formation of our company, we track the milestones that Brian and his Junk-deavor have reached (including when Brian was changing our name from Rubbish Boys to 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, which involved 50 calls to the Idaho Office of Transportation before they finally agreed to release the name to him).

Once we’ve reached the room with the large Can You Imagine wall, we answer all questions about this innovative way of holding people accountable. Then, my favorite, we show our media montage video.  I love doing this, especially for people who don’t know about all of the big names in media that have featured us (such as Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Osborne, Nate Berkus and George Stroumboulopoulos).

Then 10:55am hits. I’ve written about what happens next in a past blog post titled, Stop: Huddle Time. Our Daily Huddle is a 7 minute, stand up meeting with all corporate staff members (and some sales center agents, if they aren’t on the phones, taking customer’s calls!)

To conclude the tour, directly after Huddle, the PR Manager introduces Brian Scudamore to answer any (seriously, ANY) question that he is asked.

Once the question period is finished and Brian has been taken off the hot seat, we give each person a wee gift and send them on their way – hopefully full of the inspiration they need to increase the positive corporate culture in their company.

If you’re interested in taking a Jaunt to the Junktion please email us at: tours@1800gotjunk.com.

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