Who Does This Look Like?

Two Truck Team Members from our Salt Lake City franchise were going about their daily routine a few weeks ago.  They took on a job at a local warehouse which was home to an unwanted old vending machine.  The gentlemen, doing what they were asked to do, put the vending machine in the back of the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? truck.  These guys are pros so they knew to lay the machine on it’s back instead of trying to keep it upright while driving.

Personally, I would think that an old vending machine is useless and venture to treat it just as we would any piece of useless junk – start by taking out the recyclable parts of the machine, donate anything viable and then discard the rest.  But this truck team thought that this old machine hadn’t lived its full life yet so they drove it in the truck to the franchise’s sorting warehouse.  Now what happens next is what makes this story worth blogging about…

Instead of lifting the vending machine out of the truck, the men dragged it out – scratching the floor of the truck bed…something the franchise owner wasn’t too happy about I bet but hey, it had been a long day and our guys do get tired! Just as the vending machine had scratched the bottom of the truck bed, the truck bed had ‘scratched’ the back of the vending machine.

Now, take from this story what you want.  Analyze the photo in your own way for it does leave room for interpretation.

As the men stood the vending machine upright, they both stopped and stared. The truck had scratched the back of the vending machine into a full blown portrait!

Crazy, eh?  Who do you think this looks like? The Truck Team Members have a pretty strong opinion about who this is but instead of telling you, they want to see what you think first.  Leave a comment with your interpretation below.

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