Get the Garage Junk-Free!

Hello, Fall!  Welcome to the world in 2010. Yes, it’s that traditional time of year when we lose weight raking leaves, gain it all back again eating turkey; spend more time indoors by the fire; and bundle up to get to the car. What?!! The car isn’t in the garage? Shame on you! And you, and you, and you!  Hmmm…my guess is the summer camping gear is living on the garage floor. The summer garage storage and organization project is half finished. Well whatever your excuse, the family vehicle deserves its rightful home back, particularly with the colder weather on the way.

Then too, there’s that relief when the weather begins to really get cold, that your car is easy to warm up and making multiple trips to pack up for work (as I do!) is much more pleasant without the pelting rain!

So, how about considering these smart tips on getting your garage ready for the car from the experts in blue and green (they’ve seen it all!).

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Tips for Fitting the Car in the Garage:

  1. Focus on one area at a time. The success of each section will spur motivation!
  2. Remove unwanted items. Create a staging area or remove them to preserve the clarity of your spacious vision.
  3. Organize the garage.  Use existing organizing units, purchase new ones, or seek the advice of a professional organizer.
  4. Clean. Satisfying!
  5. Take advantage of professional junk removal. Saves time and you know any treasures may find a new home!
  6. Clean the car.
  7. Move it in.
  8. Set goals. Have a vision, but be realistic!
  9. Reward yourself. You deserve it!

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Tania Venn is Director, PR for 1-800-GOT-JUNK?. Her other responsibilities include leading the PR team for WOW 1Day! Painting and You Move Me. In her spare time Tania enjoys the outdoors, hiking in summer and skiing and snowshoeing in winter. Tania can be found on Google+ and LinkedIn.

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