Truck Team Tuesday – Phil and Del

Phil Nance

You may remember Phil Nance, our Operations Manager at the Greater Sacramento franchise in California.  Phil was featured in our blog post titled, Interesting Junk Benefits the Boys and Girls Club.

When Phil isn’t busy giving back to his community and being a local television star, he can be found hauling junk with his right-hand man, Del (Nathan del Caro Del Castillo).  Today’s Truck Team Tuesday gives you a glimpse into the lives of these two 1-800-GOT-JUNK minds.  Enjoy!

How long have you been working with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

Phil: Just over 2 years

Del: 1 year.

What did you do before you found Junk?

Phil: I worked in construction for over 5 years in San Jose, CA and in Branson, MO.

Del: I’ve always been in sales and customer service.

Del and Phil...with their cardboard friend

What is your favorite part about being a Truck Team Member?

We love the people, we always get to see new faces and new places. We also love the time in the truck just laughing, talking about new ideas and reflecting on jobs we did.

We also love being out in the world and not in an office all day.

What is the most challenging thing about being a Truck Team Member?

Phil: ‘Objections handling’ gets a little frustrating. There are a lot of price-sensitive people these days, which is understandable.  We want to keep our NPS scores high (Net Promoter Score = a system used by 1-800-GOT-JUNK? to internally measure the satisfaction level of our customers). Sometimes, with price sensitive people who are not in the best of moods, it’s hard to reach our goal of an NPS of 10 (out of 10).

Del: Working in the hot sun during summer time can be difficult.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever hauled away?

A Pulmonary functioning test system, we called it a time machine. Also, this is not so weird, but we once hauled away a very heavy baby grand piano, it was crazy hard to get into our truck.


What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever had to do?

Last summer we got a job from a pharmacy.  It was a dumpster full of melted ice cream, we had to shovel it all out.  We got the truck, and ourselves, very sticky.

We once had to clear out a balcony which had various items as well as a whole whack of pigeons (dead and alive) on it.  The birds were flying all around us while we were working.

Did you do it with a smile?

Of course, we always make fun out of everything and just laugh about how crazy the situations we get into are. We pretty much laugh about everything.

Do you have any other funny memories or stories that you can share?

We were doing a clean up in a guy’s backyard and when we were finished we asked him if there was anything else that needed to go and he said, “Oh yeah, just that old clothes-hanging pole.” He said it had been there since they moved in and they just never used it. It was just a T-shaped pole stuck in the ground. So Del goes to see if he can just yank it out and he pulls really hard and it comes out of the ground, as soon as he pulls it out, a fountain of old black rust mud shoots out all over him and his junk gear like and oil spill. He looked so shocked and I just couldn’t stop laughing about it. He was all but hurt, it was sooo funny. We took the pole, got Del a new uniform and went on with the day but i will never forget that moment, and neither will he.

Do you have a motto or a philosophy on life?

The power of decision making is the strongest power a person has, make many and make good ones, it will change your future as well as the people around you.

Just try and be serious for a second!

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