It’s All About People

It seems there’s been a spotlight on company culture lately. How to build a great workplace environment; how to make your workplace culture the best, etc… In my own experience as a public relations professional I remember the days when culture was a component of any respectable contest submission. Today, culture is the focus. So, from the company that’s just ranked in the I Love Rewards 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™, here are our best tips on how your company can build an award-winning culture!


At the heart of every great culture are the right people. As 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Founder and CEO, Brian Scudamore has always said, once you have the right people, you have to treat them right. And that’s what people engagement is all about. I Love Rewards judged participating companies in their contest on the Eight Elements of Employee Engagement™.

If your company leaders take a deep dive into each of these key areas of engagement, and even make a few adjustments in the right direction, chances are you’ll be on your way to creating a world-class culture.

Here are the eight and a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? “best practice” tip to go with each.

1.      Communication:  Streamline your communications to ensure they are effective and interactive. Do not overwhelm employees, associates and stakeholders with emails. Create a central “Hub” (sharepoint) where each company team hosts a page and distributes information to encourage a user-friendly, as-needed communication environment.

2.      Leadership:  Build a leadership team that sets the standard for employee engagement by example. Ensure a toxic-free team by exercising transparency and incorporating team-building sessions regularly.

3.      Culture:  As leaders, show your people you care about them, not just professionally, but personally as well. Try “101 Personal Life Goals”, a session in which you give everyone 20 minutes to write down as many personal life goals as they can (they must finish the list within one week), and encourage them to share with one another and help make dreams come true!

4.      Rewards & Recognition:  Celebrate professional and personal successes daily at a company-or-team-wide meeting to share good news and cheer.

5.      Professional & Personal Growth:  Create a system of Individual Development Plans in which an employee works through goals with his/her manager, that are reviewed on a regular basis.

6.      Accountability & Performance:  Share company metrics and performance regularly with people. Create a people committee to solicit suggestions and feedback from their coworkers that can be presented to leaders and help keep them accountable.

7.      Vision & Values:  Hire the smart person with the sparkle in their eye, not the perfect resume, and bring them into the company vision.

8.      Corporate Social Responsibility:  Do not worry if your company lags behind others in corporate social responsibility. Tell the world what you are doing, start with small steps your people can easily be a part of, and the rest will fall into place.

Good Luck!



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