Overheard in Junk – August 13th Edition

Image Credit - James_McCue on Flickr

It’s time for Overheard in Junk! There are so many interpretations of the word junk, so we’re taking a look around and bringing you some of what the world is saying about it. Enjoy!

@markcaldwell: BBC News – ‘Give out statins with junk food’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-10955522 #doingitwrong

@RunrGreg: “There should be few or no ‘junk miles’ in your training after age 40.” From yesterday. Worth posting again. http://is.gd/eeAuU

@jvomhofjr: Biometric vending machines that link person’s thumbprint to a credit card? Need this? Time to cut back on junk food! http://bit.ly/98siNS

@Coachchristine: Do you let people bring junk & deposit it in your home? Then why allow it in your life? Clear the junk & focus on priorities!

@bioclinic1: Study shows growing price gap between healthy and junk foods http://bit.ly/dvAtiS

@capecodtimes: Breaking News: Weird mailbox? Send us a pic! – Ever wish your bills and junk mail could be eaten by a big fish? Well… http://ow.ly/18yBF6

@PG_rss: America’s Most Famous Junk Food: Deconstructed http://dlvr.it/3lhLW

@flysi: MobileMe junk mail filter not ready for primetime? #apple #mobileme http://flic.kr/p/8rWsxP

@SMARTYOC: I’m continuing on my quest to unsubscribe to all the junk in my box this week. I feel super skinny!!!

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